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QUAM 2.0 by LINTRA in Gartner`s Publication
"BPA for the Masses: Is it Real?"

Publication Date: 25 June 2010 

In this publication Gartner points out QUAM by LINTRA among several IT-Tools for Business Process Modeling, since it combines Microsoft`s Visio and SharePoint in a way that provides a powerful and self-contained tool for the masses.

According to Gartner, IT-based Business Process Modeling and -Analysis becomes more and more popular within the business community. Being established as a management instrument for the masses, its usability for small and medium sized companies grows.

Why? Dynamic Process Models allow different views on the company, enhance the general understanding of processes and identify potential improvement. Therefore, they promote a striking increase in efficiency and performance.

Result: "BPA for the Masses is Real!"


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