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QUAM 2.0 Shot

QUAM Product Paper

QUAM - Business Process Management in the Age of Web 2.0 - The interactive and collaborative Internet. With QUAM users can model online and organize their collaboration. QUAM is based on Microsoft® SharePoint® technology, by far the most widely used collaboration platform in business enterprise...

QUAM Functional Overview

  CPM Flyer


CPM Product Paper

CPM s a web-based tool supported by Microsoft SharePoint technology. Aside from the classic functions of project management, CPM@SharePoint efficiently supports project team collaboration as well as project and risk documentation...

CPM Functional Overview



LINTRA Profile

LINTRA America - Product and Service Offer

... LINTRA's philosophy is to provide a holistic business service experience through the synergistic application of process management methodology coupled with a novel Business
Process and Quality Management software solution...




 QUAM -as dynamic - shot

QUAM - as dynamic as your business!

QUAM 2.0 - Simplicity - Connectivity - Scalability - Transparency






    Multilingual SharePoint 

Multilingual SharePoint

How about using just one system to model and intelligently link operational processes, relevant documents and organizational structure, while complying with internal and external rules and regulations, and all this at a low maintenance effort?


White Papers & Case Studies


QUAM White Paper (Aerospace/Automotive)

... Adhering to legal standards with development and completion of high accuracy components obviously carries a significant weight, and few industries have more demanding guidelines for quality and process control than the aerospace industry...





  Case Study Oerlikon Balzers

Case Study - Quality and Business Excellence at Oerlikon Balzers

... Oerlikon Balzers needed a solution which would provide the company with a powerful, yet easy to use, application combining functionalities of a single and centralized managed core platform for Business Processes Modeling, an integrated Document Management and Collaboration System...





White Paper Magna Formex

Case Study - Engineering Change Management at MAGNA International 

... The idea was to merge existing Process and Organizational data into the
new solution and at the same time satisfy additional requirements such as complex
workflow execution, email notification, and task management during an Engineering
Change request...